on Greys Anatomy 2016Last week I posted about having booked a guest starring role on Grey’s Anatomy, I have been informed that my episode will probably air on May 5th barring a preemption or anything like that. I finished shooting my episode yesterday. I touched upon a subject in my post then but I feel the need to elaborate a bit. I have been making my living as an actor for 40 years. (Wow!) I’ve worked on a lot of tv shows, movies, commercials and so on. I’ve done just about everything an actor can legitimately do, stage, screen, voice over, industrial etc. My experience with the cast and crew of Grey’s blew my mind. The series regulars that I worked with went out of their way to welcome me, the series regulars and the writers and producers that I didn’t directly interact with also came over and bade me welcome to the show, one of the executive producers actually thanked me for coming on the show! You could have knocked me over with a feather! The crew, many of whom have been on the show since it began 12 years ago, were universally friendly and it goes without saying, consummately professional. I cannot sing the praises of their whole operation highly enough. From producers to PAs, stars to background performers, it ran like a wonderful machine lubricated with warmth, thoughtfulness, courtesy, kindness and caring. Thank you cast, crew and staff of Grey’s Anatomy for bringing back the joy that had been abraded over the years.